Facts for a successful application process

  • Proof of take can be provided by sending us a copy of your European species list from the SCI Record Book data base and/or by a copy of your SCI Entry Form (for those species accepted by SCI );

    or by a field photo or other proof of take (for animals too small to be entered in the SCI Record Book and/or species that SCI doesn’t measure and record, e.g. predators, birds, etc.). 

  • Species needed for the various Ullmann Award levels:


1st Echelon

2nd Echelon

3rd Echelon

4th Echelon

5th Echelon



8 Species

16 Species

24 Species

32 Species

40 Species

46+ Species

Bow (B)

4 Species

8 Species

12 Species

16 Species

20 Species

23+ Species